With nearly a decade of experience, I am happy to be providing mehndi for events throughout the Pacific Northwest using home-made, natural henna paste which I apply freehand!

Designs can be crafted using your found henna image as a reference, according to traditional or contemporary styles, or with personalized sketches that bring your ideas to life. Those considering placement for a permanent tattoo may also benefit from trying henna. 

{ special events and appointments }

Whatever the occasion, I enjoy being in a lively atmosphere where I can adorn the guests of your gathering. Special event bookings start at $100 per hour. (discounts for students and fundraisers)

Private appointments within the Vancouver area start at $30, and I am happy to travel to your location or host you in my home studio.

{ maternity henna }

Henna can be a relaxing way to adorn your belly and embrace the last stages of pregnancy. The paste I make is powdered henna leaf mixed with lemon juice and essential oils (lavender, clove, and eucalyptus, saffron), making it a safe cosmetic even on delicate skin. 

Maternity henna is best to get in the evening or during a time when you will be able to relax for the time required for application and drying. Because skin is thinner on the stomach than on hands and feet, the completed design will remain for slightly less time, around 7-12 days.

Belly mandalas are my specialty and start at $50 per session.

{ bridal }

Henna is an integral part of the wedding ceremonies in many cultures from South Asia, the Middle East, North and East Africa, and even the Mediterranean. Applying these elaborate designs for the occasion of love truly delights me!

Starting from $100, please message for a personalized quote



With international experience in wedding, special event, travel, product, and wildlife photography I understand the importance of timing and capturing the perfect shot. Friendly, fast, and adept in editing - I am ready and able to record your most memorable moments. Rates are competitive and negotiable depending on circumstance and client needs, with hourly rates starting at $150. Currently based in Vancouver, but willing and able to travel.  



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Of all the joy working with my hands brings me, perhaps the greatest comes from making original and commissioned mixed media artwork. The earliest of my creative endeavors, I am enlivened by the act of telling detailed stories and (un)tangling concepts through a visual medium to create a piece that talks and listens to the observer over time. Much of my current work plays with intricate arrangements of miscellania integrated with intense colour palettes into oil and acrylic, and is accented by a subtle topographic maze of textures that tempts the eye into exploration. 

Upcoming Exhibition - Summoning the Senses

Summoning the Senses is a multi-media exhibit inspired by eighteen months of academic exchange and personal travels throughout India which aims to incite curiosity, encourage adventure, and bring vibrancy to winter's wetness using sculpture, paintings, textiles, and unique modification of space with miscellanea.  In the context of a wanderer's eye passing through the kaleidoscopic Indian subcontinent, the exhibition ornately explores its diversity, the significance of the environment as it pertains to shaping culture, and attempts to capture the dynamic process of learning and understanding through an abundance of senses.

22 January 2018 - 22 February 2018

The Asian Centre Foyer, 1871 West Mall, Vancouver, BC

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