With over a decade of experience, I am grateful to be sharing adornments throughout the Pacific Northwest using organic, home-made henna paste.

Designs can be crafted by referencing your found inspiration, according to traditional or contemporary styles, or my personal favorite - created in the moment! Those considering the placement of permanent tattoos may also like to try henna to see how their piece looks before committing to ink.

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{ henna crowns }

I offer free crown sessions for women who have experienced hair loss as a result of illness or trauma. Please send me a message using the contact form and we’ll arrange a relaxing time to embellish your already beautiful dome. Feel free to bring a friend or family member!

{ special events and appointments }

Sangeet, girls’ night, birthday, or special event, you can count on receiving fast, clear designs for your guests. Special event bookings start at $100 per hour. (Discounts for students and fundraisers)

Private appointments start at $30 per session.

{ maternity henna }

Henna is a magnificently relaxing way to adorn the womb and embrace the last stages of pregnancy. 

Maternity henna is best to receive in the evening or when you will be able fully rest for the duration required for application and drying (approximately 90 minutes). Because skin is thinner on the stomach than on hands and feet, and so absorbs less of the dye, the completed design will remain for slightly less time than in those areas, around 10-14 days.

Maternity designs start at $50 per session, with an optional add-on of an $80 photography session at a location of your choosing when the design has fully darkened (usually 48 hours after application).


{ bridal }

Creating elaborate, long-lasting designs for the occasion of love truly delights me! Please contact me If you would like a personalized quote for your bridal mehndi.

Original Artwork and Designs

To inquire about commissions, custom designs, window painting, or collaborations please use the form on the contact page. I look forward to giving form to your ideas!

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With international experience in wedding, travel, product, and wildlife photography, I strive to record the beauty and authenticity of fleeting moments. Please contact me for quotes!